10 Items to Dispose of Before Moving

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Moving means a lot of packing. However, there is a bright side to this tedious, time-consuming task. Although you’ll have to go through every single item you own, you’ll also have the chance to clear out unessential things that will take up space in your new apartment or home without offering any benefits. That way, when you move in, your new space will be clutter-free.

Not sure which items to consider letting go? Here are ten unessential items you should consider tossing as you pack. You’ll save space in your boxes and also free yourself of useless junk that only adds stress to your life.

Clothes & Shoes

Don’t throw out your whole closet, but don’t mindlessly box it up either. Instead, choose only items you’ve worn in the last year to take with you. Anything that you haven’t worn in a year should get tossed. Why bother carting it around if you don’t love to wear it?

Focus on only packing clothing and shoes you use regularly. Replace anything else with something you’ll like even better than those old jeans that don’t fit anymore.

Expired Items

Unless you’re incredibly vigilant, there are many areas of the home that are likely filled with expired items. The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the worst offenders. Sort through your spices, canned goods, medicines and bath products and toss anything that’s expired.

When it comes to bath products and spices, feel free to throw away anything that’s a few years old, or you don’t feel like you’ll use any time again soon.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers have a way of accumulating. However, you’ll always end up with some that are missing a lid or find lids that don’t have a match. Get rid of these. Take only a small amount of containers that are still in decent shape.

Old Media

Do you still have CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes lying around? It’s understandable to hang on to a handful of your favorites, but do you need a vast collection? With today’s technology, you can get your hands on digital copies that won’t require any packing space.


Any furniture that’s irreparably stained or of poor quality can stay behind. Either donate it or give it away. You’ll save the trouble of moving an item that you probably didn’t love in the first place. You can start over at your new home with higher-quality furniture.

Old Electronics

Old cell phones? Old laptops? Old printers? Get rid of them all! There should be a program in your city that offers an electronics recycling or safe disposal program. Any items that are under five years old may also be useful to charity programs, schools or another group.

Items in Storage You Forgot About

Did you come across a box of forgotten things in the attic or basement? If you haven’t missed it for years, you may never even need it again. Unless you were ecstatic about finding the items, consider tossing them for good.

Books & Magazines You Won’t Read Again

Books and magazines are heavy. Consider donating or gifting any books and magazines you’re not 100% sure you’ll read again. You’ll be grateful you don’t have any more boxes to carry on moving day. If you’re feeling sad about reducing your book collection, remember you can always build it up again at your new place with new ones that are more relevant to your interests and needs.


Did you know that pillows should be replaced periodically? Not only can it become filled with fungus spores over the years, but it will also stop offering the same support for your neck and head. Consider your move an opportunity to replace your pillows with fresh ones.

Unused or Seldom Used Kitchen Appliances

Do you have a juicer you vowed to use every morning as part of a new health kick? Or perhaps you have an abandoned rice cooker or crock pot that conked out a few years ago. Get rid of these items. Appliances that still work can be donated or given away to someone who will enjoy them more than you.

Embrace the fresh start that moving gives you to clear out your belongings of items you don’t love. With this list of things to toss, you can guide your decluttering to make sure you take maximum advantage of this opportunity. Moving can be stressful, and it’s only made worse by an overstuffed van of items you’ll still have to unpack once you arrive at your new place. Get rid of things you don’t need now so that you can enjoy a comfortable setup in your new home.



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