Why You Should Leave Heavy Lifting to the Moving Pros

The Moving Pros Know How to Lift Things without Hurting Themselves

Moving is a pain no matter how you approach it. However, if you try to go DIY, it can end up being painful in a more literal way. Lifting injuries are incredibly common, and when you’re inexperienced with proper lifting techniques, doing some damage is all but guaranteed. Instead of doing it on your own, here is why you should leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.



Your Health Is Important

In fact, it might be more important now than ever. Moving often comes with things like starting a new job, getting married, and other major life transitions that you cannot easily take off sick for. Moving injuries can be incredibly serious. Even relatively minor problems like a strained back can put you on the couch for multiple days. Should something worse happen, like a major fall, it can throw everything in your life off course. No one wants to lose their new job or postpone their wedding because of a moving injury.

As in All Things, Experience Matters

It sounds like a simple task: you pack boxes, you lift them, you carry them, you put them down. In fact, you do this all the time in your day-to-day life. As such, it can appear that going DIY on moving is a logical choice. Why pay for what you can do on your own? The fact is that lifting heavy loads isn’t as intuitive as we think. Maneuvering them is even harder. Movers experienced in this know when to work as a team and how to move in sync with each other. They are also trained in proper lifting techniques and have the gear needed to make lifting easier and avoid common injuries. So, when it comes to moving, experience makes a huge difference.

You Have More Financial Protection

What happens if you break an expensive item while moving on your own? Well, you’re out of luck. You broke it, you replace it. And given how much it costs to move, you may not have the money to. If something breaks when professionals are moving it, you get reimbursed. Professional movers are licensed and insured, which means anything damaged is covered. And this extends to injuries too. If you or someone else gets hurt during a DIY moving process, the bills are your responsibility. With professional movers, it’s covered. Yes, paying for movers means spending money, but in the long run, it can also mean saving money.

You’re Not as Young as You Used to Be

Once upon a time, you may have moved homes yourself. But since then, you’ve likely accumulated a lot more stuff, some of it pretty heavy. On top of that, you’re older, which correlates with decreased bone and physical strength. While it isn’t universally true that the older you get, the less physically capable you are e— some people are out of shape when younger and then work to get fit — it’s applicable to most cases. So, this means that the risk of injury is higher, and the severity of the potential injuries is greater.

Knowledge Is Power: Moving Pros Know What They’re Doing

After employees start on at a moving company, they undergo specialized training to understand what factors up the risk of injury and how to avoid them. These risks include:

  • Overweight loads
  • How far the load extends from the body
  • The shape of the load
  • The distance the load will be carried
  • The height of the load
  • The vertical distance lifted
  • The number and frequency of lifts needed
  • If lifting and twisting are needed in combination

Ultimately, no matter how many articles you read or YouTube videos you watch, nothing can replace the specialized training that professional movers undergo. The best thing you can do is leave the heavy lifting to them.

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