6 Moving Tips to Introduce Pets to a New Home

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The comfort of our furry friends means a lot to us. When moving, it can be stressful for the whole household. Most of the anxiety, however, may resign in your pet. You’re packing up boxes, and moving everything around! Dogs and cats can sense not only your stress, but the disturbance that is happening in the place they’ve called home for a long time.

Luckily, there are some quick and easy techniques to ensure your animal is safe and comfortable during the moving process. Here are 6 moving tips to help your pet adjust to a new environment:

Show Off Your New Place Ahead of Time

If your new place isn’t far from your current residence, take your pet to the new neighborhood and let them look around. Let them get used to the smells and sights of your new home, so it’s not such a shock when you officially move in.

Create a Safe Place

With all the chaos of moving, you don’t want your pet to get lost in the shuffle. They might get injured among the boxes, or accidentally stepped on while your family is moving things around. Create a space just for your pet to roam away from the place that you’re currently working.

In a worst-case scenario, some pets have run away due to high anxiety. Be sure to keep your pet’s information handy, just in case your neighbors find your pet hiding next door.

Bring Their Favorite Toys

You might be excited about moving into your new home, but your pet will find it a bit overwhelming at first. There are so many new smells and corners of the house to explore! Instead of giving them new toys, give them a few of their familiar favorites to ease their mind. This will help remind them that although their home base may be different, nothing has changed in their world.

Watch For Changes in Mood

Your pet will likely be freaking out. This could take the form of continually being at your feet pining for your attention, or making distressed noises at any sign of movement. You may consider asking a trusted friend to watch your animals for a couple of days during the big part of the move. Another option could be having a designated person to watch out for the animal while bringing large pieces of furniture inside.

Train Ahead Of Time

Still have a few weeks before the big move? There might be new rules your animal will have to live by before arriving at the new home. If you teach them ahead of time, they’ll be less stressed once the time comes for their implementation in the new residence. Not allowed to jump on the counter? Not allowed to scratch at the door? Teaching your animal to adjust their behavior now will save you a headache later.

Finally, Make It Fun

Navigating a new home might be scary for a pet. Instead of letting them cautiously and gingerly walk into each new room, make it a game! Hide treats and toys around the house and encourage your animal to find them. Walk with them and enjoy the setting with them.

Once they see you’re having fun, they can relax and become curious about their new surroundings, too. Making sure your pet is safe and happy is your number one priority! Moving can be stressful, but with a few tips like these, your animal will be set up for success in your new home sooner rather than later.


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