Moving Essentials: Things Easily Forgotten

Packing a Box for the Move

In the rush of moving to a new home, you may feel too overwhelmed to remember some essential things when moving. That’s understandable since moves are known for their ability to create a high degree of stress. In a best-case scenario, you won’t feel too overwhelmed to remember to bring everything you need.

However, as professional movers know, certain items tend to go forgotten in the hustle and bustle. To help prevent this from happening to you, here’s a list of the things you’re most likely to forget.


Almost everyone has a cabinet or drawer filled with various medications. Some of these medications may be available over the counter. However, others require a prescription from a doctor. In either case, gather all medicines together when preparing to leave.

Failure to bring over-the-counter items can lead to the unnecessary expense of buying replacements. More importantly, failure to bring your prescription medicine could lead to significant health problems.

Small Valuables

If you’re like a lot of people, you may own a considerable amount of jewelry and other small valuables. Before you go, make sure that you’ve gathered everything in your possession. That includes items you may have hidden away in the past for protection against burglaries.

Family, Personal, or Pet Records

Most people keep a variety of important paperwork in their homes. Common examples include birth certificates, diplomas, and records of major purchases. In addition, almost everyone has paperwork not kept at home, including records from doctors, dentists, and veterinarians.

Make sure to collect all records that you keep with you and put them in your pile of essential items. In addition, take the time needed to gather your medical and veterinary records. Be aware that it can take a substantial amount of time to collect paperwork in this second category.

Microwaves & Coffee Makers

Some appliances are such fixtures in your kitchen that you just consider them part of the decor. Unfortunately, when it comes time to move, you may forget that these items belong to you, not the home itself.

Two of the appliances left behind most often are coffee makers and countertop microwaves. Double-check your kitchen before you leave to make sure you’ve loaded them up.

Anything Stored in Your Attic

In many homes, attics are convenient places to store things that you seldom need or think about. That helps explain why so many people forget to clear out their attics when preparing for a move. Well before the big day arrives, take the time to go through everything that you’ve stored away.

Depending on how you have your attic organized (or disorganized!), this can be a major undertaking. Create a keeper pile for things you want to hold on to. Place everything else in piles designated for donations or the trash. This thorough approach will help you avoid overlooking family photos, mementos, and other treasured belongings.

Items Stored Outside

As part of your moving checklist, make sure to include items that are stored outdoors. For many people, such items include barbecue grills and patio furniture. In addition, some people store belongings in a detached shed or other building. If you own valuable you essential outdoor items, don’t leave them behind in your rush when moving.


Over the years, many households have amassed a small fortune in tools. That includes everything from hammers and screwdrivers to wrenches and plungers. Failure to bring these items with you can quickly lead to headaches in your new home. That’s especially true if you need your tools as part of the setup process.

Many people also forget their valuable garden tools. You may not need these right away, but you’ll miss them eventually.

Items at the Dry Cleaners

In the mad rush of leaving your old home, it’s easy to overlook clothing you took to the dry cleaners. The same thing can happen to people who use a laundry service. If you use a dry cleaner or a laundry service, make sure to stop by and pick up your belongings.

Even if you don’t think you’ve left anything, give them a call. They may have items that you completely forgot that you gave to them.

Want more information on the essential things that get left behind when moving? Just contact Walsh Moving & Storage. Our specialists can help you develop comprehensive checklists to guide your plans. Also, our expert movers can also offer you a wide range of tips on any other topic related to a successful relocation.




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