Most people plan to move several months in advance so that they have time to organize and clean their home, as well as pack at an unhurried pace. However, sometimes you just can’t avoid a short notice move. Perhaps you received an unexpected job offer and the employer wants you to start work in a week. Or maybe you just found out that you can’t renew your lease on your apartment and you need to find another place to live next month.

Whatever the cause, short notice moves can be accomplished if you make smart decisions during your move process. Here are some tips to make your short notice move more manageable:

  • Find out as much as you can about your new home or apartment so that you can plan what furniture and belongings to take with you and how to pack everything. It may be a wise choice to get rid of extra furniture or clutter if you don’t think you’ll have room for it in your new place.
  • Create a move calendar. Once you determine how much time you have to move, you can divide your current home into sections based on that time frame. For example, if you’re moving within a week, you can pack one room of your home each day.
  • If you are unsure about where you’ll be living and decide to put your belongings into storage for the time being, you will need to pack accordingly. Set aside the everyday things that you will need until you are settled and then organize the rest of your belongings in a storage facility.
  • Remember that moving on short notice means that things may be hectic. Don’t expect to pack or label everything perfectly. As long as you pack the fragile stuff carefully and keep track of the things you can’t live without, you can sort everything else out later.