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Serving Carson Since 1964

Walsh is a family-owned, full-service moving company.

Since 1964, we have operated out of the same building in Torrance, CA. More recently, the company expanded to a second warehouse in Long Beach.

Local moving within metro Los Angeles is the heart of our business. Less frequently, we handle long-distance moves from Southern California to anywhere in the contiguous USA.

Walsh Core Services

  • Residential moves within 40 miles of Torrance, Long Beach, and Los Angeles.
  • Commercial relocation within the LA area.
  • In-house or in-office moves while buildings are being repaired or renovated.
  • Short-term vault and trailer storage.
  • Professional packing services.
  • Furniture moving, including extra-large furniture and pianos.


They Say They’re Local, But Are They?

Some so-called “local” moving companies are, in fact, national chains with local franchises. They have a local presence but answer to a national corporate parent.

A good portion of their revenue leaves the local economy when you pay the bill. A percentage of their workforce may live out of state.

Despite the well-publicized California exodus, most Southern Californians, when they move, aren’t leaving the state. They’re not going from Carson to Texas. They’re moving from Carson to another address in Carson.

We’ll move you to Texas if that’s where you’re heading, but we’re betting that when you call us, it will be to:

  • Move from an apartment in Carson to another apartment in Carson.
  • Move from an apartment in Carson to a house in Carson you just purchased.
  • Move from a house in Carson to a bigger residence in a nearby city.
  • Move from a house in Carson to a nearby retirement community.

In our experience, most moves occur close to home.

Small business relocations tend to be hyper-localized. As a matter of survival, retail stores, restaurants, and professional practices must remain within shouting distance of their customer base.

Walsh Is Truly Local, Invested in Carson & Metro LA

  • Walsh Moving has served Carson, CA, and nearby cities for over 50 years.
  • Walsh hires local labor. All Walsh movers are fully insured employees, not contractors.
  • Walsh pays local taxes that fund Southern California schools, services, and infrastructure. There is no revenue flight when you pay your bill.

Walsh Moving Core Values & Business Model

  • We treat your possessions as if they were our own.
  • We focus on customer service and the quality of your experience.
  • We take ownership of your move from start to finish. We don’t hire out any portion of your move to other companies.


Walsh Moving Services in Carson: The Expanded Edition


Local Moving

Most of our moving business stays within metro Los Angeles, in cities like Carson. Our goal is to provide the best possible moving service at a fair price. Local moves close to our warehouses are the service we deliver most efficiently.

Local moves can be apartment to apartment, house to house, city to nearby city, or they may be a matter of reorganizing furniture within a building.

Commercial Moving

Companies outgrow their space. They downsize to remain competitive. They search for a better location or a more favorable lease and city tax code.

The movers you hire should adjust to your business schedule and avoid significant disruptions. They should recognize when it’s appropriate to remove supplies, furniture, and equipment, and when it’s not.

At Walsh Moving, we plan your move in detail before we send out the first truck.

Short-Term Vault & Trailer Storage

Short-term vault and trailer storage are fundamentally different from self-storage in standard facilities. Access is limited. Storage is more secure.

No hoarder would ever consider vault or trailer storage, short-term solutions for movers whose permanent living or business space isn’t ready for occupancy.

Normally, short-term storage is included in your moving estimate and not extended as a separate service. But if you need to store a sofa or piano for a while, or if you need storage at a moment’s notice, we can do that, too.

Professional Packing Services

Walsh moving professionals are trained to handle your things with care. But if anything breaks during packing and moving, we’ll reimburse you. Professional movers are licensed and insured. Any damage is covered.

When it comes to boxing breakables, antiques, and family heirlooms, it pays to have someone experienced on the job.

Furniture Moving

Not every professional move involves a truck. In-home and in-office moves are a big part of our business at Walsh, where boxes and furniture may not even leave the building.

It sounds so easy. You’re just rearranging a few things around the house or office, right?

The task is much easier for Walsh movers than for the average person. Plus, Walsh professional movers are insured. Not just for any injuries sustained (and they’re far less likely to get hurt than you), but for any damage to your belongings.

Long-Distance Moving

Okay, now we’re no longer strictly local, but if you live in Carson and plan to move across state lines, call us and let’s talk. Our primary long-distance service area is the Western USA, but we’ve hauled trailers from Southern California as far as New England.

Carson to Texas? Not a problem.

Carson to Bakersfield or the Bay Area? We do it all the time.

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There are no surcharges, no taxes, no hidden fees. No obligation to hire us.

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Guaranteed Moving Quote

“All pricing was up forward with no hidden costs or add ons.”

Jim C.

Date of move: 12/15/20
Moving from: SoCal
Moving to: Las Vegas, NV

I just had the absolute pleasure of working with the staff from Walsh Moving. We moved from So. CA. to Las Vegas and could not be happier… All pricing was up forward with no hidden costs or add ons.

The packing and move itself were smooth and very professional. The crew… were beyond courteous, went totally out of their way to make sure we were happy and that everything went professionally and to our satisfaction.

We were absolutely satisfied with our move and would recommend Walsh for your moving needs.