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Serving Long Beach since 1964

With a warehouse in Long Beach and an office in nearby Torrance, Walsh Moving & Storage has been your local moving company since 1964. We’re family-owned and operated with deep roots in Long Beach and Southern California.

We’re small enough to offer personal service and large enough to move you anywhere in the lower 48 states. Long Beach to Maine? We have the trailers and staff to handle it.

Long Beach to Palos Verdes? No problem. Local moves are our specialty.

A corporate move within metro LA? Our experienced movers will handle it fast, efficiently, and safely.

We’ll help as much or as little as you want. We can pack your things, temporarily store them, or move them in pre-packed boxes from point A to B.

Please contact us for a guaranteed moving quote. We won’t charge more than the quote, although we may charge less. All pricing is upfront — we never include hidden fees.

Why Walsh Moving & Storage

Why Walsh Professional Moving?

  • We take ownership of your move from start to finish. We don't subcontract any portion of your move to other companies.
  • We guarantee your local moving pickup and delivery date. Some other companies aren't able to do this.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We carry full insurance. If anything breaks during your move (unlikely), Walsh pays for the damage in most cases.
  • Walsh movers are covered by company medical and Worker's Compensation. If someone gets hurt during your DIY move, you, the homeowner or renter, could be liable.
  • We offer short-term storage for companies and customers in transition. If your permanent accommodations aren't ready, we'll keep your things in secure vaults or trailer storage until they are.

View of the majestic Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor.

View of the majestic Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor.

The Reality of “Local” Moving Services

Some “local” moving companies are, in fact, national corporations with local franchises. A portion of their profits flows from the local economy to remote shareholders.

Walsh has been a Southern California company from the beginning. Our profits remain local and are distributed locally. Our taxes fund local schools and infrastructure. We give back to the community that supports us.

Our Promise to You

  • We prioritize customer service to make every moving experience as hassle-free as possible.
  • We handle your belongings with care — as if they were our own.
  • We assume full responsibility for your relocation process, overseeing every aspect from beginning to end. We don’t outsource to contractors or third-party companies.
  • Our prices are 100% transparent. We abide by our guaranteed quote and never adjust it up, only down.
Boats and houses along a canal in Naples, Long Beach.

Boats and houses along a canal in Naples, Long Beach.

Our Long Beach Moving Services: The Breakdown

Local Moves

Call us for an estimate — whether you’re shuffling your stuff from one apartment to another, relocating to another city, or just moving things around in your home.

Our professional movers know the Long Beach area inside and out and can expertly negotiate the tricky corners and tight spaces of older neighborhoods.

Business Moves

Maybe you’re downsizing for efficiency or expanding for growth. Or you’ve found better lease terms in a nearby city.

Commercial moves should be done with minimal disruption to business operations. This requires meticulous planning and coordination and experience handling heavy and specialized equipment.

Retail moves involve inventory, shelving, and cashiers’ stations. Corporate moves include the relocation of entire departments or even multiple branches. Sensitive documents and equipment must be carefully packed and securely transported.

Our moving pros handle everything from office to warehouse moves, focusing on efficiency and confidentiality.

A container ship being loaded in Long Beach Harbor.

A container ship being loaded in Long Beach Harbor.

Interstate Moves

We have trailers spacious enough to accommodate all your earthly possessions — including your car! Fly in comfort as we haul your things from Long Beach (or another Southern California city) to Dallas, Raleigh, Boca Raton, or wherever you may be heading.

Our long-distance drivers work in teams to make your move as short and safe as possible. And if your company is footing the bill, consider our packing services.

Short-Term Trailer & Vault Storage

Are you moving to Long Beach and not from Long Beach?

Our short-term trailer and vault storage can make your life easier while you search for a new home. It’s also ideal for companies with short-term storage needs during a relocation or remodel.

Unlike conventional storage, the beauty of these storage solutions is that you move only once, where unloading the truck at the storage unit(s) becomes extra work (and expense) — only to load everything all over again when the new place is ready.

Shoreline Village and Parker's Lighthouse at night.

Shoreline Village and Parker’s Lighthouse at night.

Professional Packing Services

Do you own fragile glassware? Antique lamps? Let us pack them for peace of mind — especially if you’re moving cross country.

Walsh professionals are trained to pack breakables carefully in boxes designed for specific needs.

But if anything breaks during packing and moving, we’ll reimburse you. Most damage is covered.

When it comes to boxing family heirlooms, it pays to have someone experienced on the job.

Furniture Moving

It sounds so easy. You’re just rearranging a few things around the house or office, right?

The task is much easier for Walsh movers than for the average person. They know the tricks and techniques to safely and efficiently move heavy furniture — from the bedroom set to the double-wide refrigerator.

Plus, Walsh professional movers are insured for injuries sustained and any damage to your belongings.

The Long Beach skyline at sunrise.

The Long Beach skyline at sunrise.

Our Commitment to Long Beach, CA

Long Beach is a vibrant center of tourism, education, fine dining, and recreation and a hub for international trade. It’s the second busiest port in America, surpassing New York and Houston.

You could spend a weekend snacking on sandwiches and watching the cargo ships come and go. But there’s much more to do in Long Beach, enough to fill your calendar for years.

Local attractions include:

  • The Queen Mary: How many cities own a piece of maritime history? The Queen Mary is an iconic ocean liner (and WWII troop transport) turned floating hotel, museum, and world-class restaurant.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific: Another world-class Long Beach attraction! This 360,000 sq ft fish tank educates and entertains with exhibits of the Pacific’s most fascinating and unusual sea life.
  • Long Beach Waterfront: Enjoy the outdoor shopping mall, a giant Ferris wheel, or people-watch with your coffee on Pine Avenue.
  • East Village Arts District: Hundreds of artists live and work in this neighborhood. What better way to support locally-owned businesses than by buying directly from the artist?
  • Long Beach Grand Prix: The world’s largest street race attracts some 170,000 visitors a year. This three-day event also includes concerts and other family-friendly activities.
  • California State University, Long Beach: The third largest university in the state has 50 majors in its College of Liberal Arts alone!
  • The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA): The only museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American and Latino art.
  • Naples Island: Venture into this charming Long Beach neighborhood for gondola rides, waterfront dining, and views of beautiful homes.
  • El Dorado Nature Center: A serene escape within the city featuring trails, wildlife, and educational programs amidst 105 acres of natural beauty.

We’re proud to be part of the Long Beach community and its spectacular growth. We’ve kept the city on the move (mild hyperbole, perhaps!

We look forward to serving you with first-rate professional moving services for many years to come. Thank you for reading to the end of this page, and please call us if a move looms in your future.


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