Professional Moving and Storage Services for Palos Verdes, CA

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As most movers Walsh Moving & Storage uses the vault system for storage.  Vaults are large wooden containers used to store your goods. The vault system reduces the amount of handling of your goods. Instead of loading (at origin) and unloading into a self storage, then loading (at storage) and unloading into your new home; your goods are loaded once into storage and unloaded once into your new home.

Walsh’s professional movers will come to your home and load everything into the vault. Our rates start at $95.00 an hour for two men and a truck. And add $35.00 an hour per extra man. For example 3 men would cost $130.00 per hour. There are no fuel taxes, or any other taxes added, just a straight hourly rate. The time starts at our warehouse and end once we return to our warehouse. The time is calculated in 15-minute increments. We have a 3 hour minimum.

We store these vaults in our warehouse.  Our regular size vaults are 8 ft x 7 ft x 5 ft, fits about 1,500 lbs of furniture and cost $70.00 per month*.  We also have smaller vaults that are 8 ft x 5 ft x 3 ft and fits about 1,000 lbs of furniture and cost $50.00 per month. We store sofas on a sofa rack, to keep the sofa safe on its own feet. The cost of a sofa rack is $15.00 per month. If you would like to store a piano, the cost is $25.00 per month.

There is a one time handling in charge of $20.00 per vault.

All pieces of furniture will be blanket wrapped, with specially designed moving blankets (included in the price of the move).

Moving and storage services for Palos Verdes, CA

You’ll have free use of our wardrobe boxes, for your hanging clothes. Once your move is complete, we will ask for them back.

Not like a public storage facility were anyone can come as they please, Walsh has your items safe and secure in our warehouse.

If you need to access your storage, there is a $32.50 charge, but one of our professionals will help you with your needs for the first hour.  If you need him longer than an hour it is $32.50 per hour after. To make sure we can have the vault ready for you please call 24 hours in advance. If necessary, we may be able to retrieve your vault on a shorter notice.

We accept payment in forms of: cash, check, or credit card.

* If your goods fit into 4 or more vaults, you will receive a discount per vault. Call for more details.