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In today’s world, householders and businesses have a frequent need to store items of value. There are a variety of options available, but not all of these options provide the right combination of security, convenience and low cost. For many people, including those planning a local or long-distance move, the right choice is storage at a moving company.

In Palos Verdes, Torrance and communities throughout the area, Walsh Moving & Storage is the premier source for professional storage assistance. With decades of experience, expert personnel and the region’s best facilities, we make it easy to protect your valuable belongings at a reasonable price. Whether your needs are personal or business-related, Walsh’s full slate of services will fit the bill.


Household Moves

storage image 01aThere are a number of reasons for storing your belongings in a dedicated facility during a household move. One of the most common reasons is a mismatch between the time at which you buy or rent your new home and the at which you can actually move. To get the property you want, you may need to act quickly and sign paperwork with little or no advance notice. However, this can lead to delays in full occupancy that last for weeks or months to come. This means that you may need to store your belongings for some time after you vacate your current home.

You may also decide to store your property temporarily if you plan to travel prior to making a local or long-distance move. By leaving your belongings in a secure facility, you protect them against theft and various forms of accidental damage. You also gain the freedom to move out of your current home or apartment while delaying the start of occupancy at a new fixed location.

Commercial Moves

storage image 02aBusinesses also have their reasons for utilizing temporary storage. In some cases, a company in the middle of a move may need to delay the arrival of certain types of equipment until they’ve completed necessary preparations at a new location. Storage may also be required for a business that has less operating space in its new home. In addition, downsizing businesses may hold equipment in temporary storage before arranging a sale or other means of liquidation.

Remodeling and Long-Term Vacations

storage image 03aThe benefits of the secure storage provided by moving companies are not limited to people making permanent location changes. For example, if you’re remodeling your home or business, you may need a place to store valuable or bulky items while your project proceeds. You may also decide to store valuable property if you plan to take an extended vacation. This choice can provide both peace of mind and verifiable protection against theft and accidental damage.

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storage image 04aMost people are familiar with the self-storage facilities found in locations across the U.S. In addition, some companies offer mobile “pods” that you load on your own and store at the company’s designated location. Moving company storage differs from each of these options in important ways.

First, reputable moving companies store your property in dedicated warehouses with restricted entry. To gain admittance, you typically need to make an appointment and check in with a company representative. This approach adds a much-needed layer of security. However, it also means that moving company storage is better suited to people who don’t need to access their belongings frequently. Another important difference is that you can adjust the amount of space you rent when you store your property with a moving company. In contrast, self-storage facilities and mobile pods make you rent a fixed amount of space, even when your storage needs diminish over time.


storage image 05aThe standard unit for secured storage at a moving company is the storage vault, a large wooden box capable of withstanding large amounts of weight. To maximize the efficient use of space, companies store these vaults in stacked rows. When access to upper vaults is required, a forklift hauls them back down to ground level.

At Walsh Moving, we feature two sizes of vaults for your convenience. Our standard vault, capable of holding up to 1,500 lbs of your belongings, has dimensions of 8 ft. x 7 ft. x 5 ft. This generous space makes it easy to store furniture and other bulky items. We also offer a smaller vault capable of holding up to 1,000 lbs of weight. In addition to vault storage, our offerings include sofa racks specially designed to keep your sofas in top condition no matter how long you store them. We also provide optimal options for piano storage.

Walsh begins the storage process by traveling to your location with vaults sized to fit your needs. Once onsite, we’ll professionally pack and load your belongings. This process includes careful blanket-wrapping of all furniture. We also supply wardrobe boxes so you can hang your clothes. When packing is done, we’ll transport the full vaults back to our secure warehouse facility. Whenever you need access to your property, just give us a call and make your arrangements.


storage image 06aAt Walsh, we charge flat hourly rates for all our services. The fee for packing and transport of your vault(s) is $130 an hour. This rate includes two professional movers and one truck. If required, we can add a third mover to the crew for $50 an hour. There is a minimum commitment of three hours per trip, calculated from the time we leave the warehouse until the time we return to the warehouse with your property.

Walsh Moving charges $90 per month for standard vault rental. We charge just $70 a month for our smaller vaults. Added to these baseline costs is a one-time $25 handling fee for each vault. You can store a sofa for $25 a month. Piano storage is $20-$30 a month.


wms inner imageWalsh Moving & Storage has served the storage needs of our region since the mid-1960s. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for excellent service, honesty and no-gimmick pricing policies. When you absolutely must guarantee the safety of your property, we’re standing by with everything required to perform at the highest level. Call us today to arrange storage and schedule a service call to your home or business. Please note that we offer pricing discounts for clients who require four or more vaults.


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I’m on a tight budget so it was important to get an estimate that was as accurate as possible with quality movers. Thomas at Walsh Moving took a detailed account of what I needed moved and explained their pricing and estimate well. They were extremely efficient and got the job done right. Competitively priced, detailed & accurate estimate, professional, and efficient. The final cost was $165 less than the estimate!

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