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Moving is well-known as one of life’s most stressful necessities, especially in Los Angeles. Even with short-distance moves such as moving from Torrance to Long Beach or one side of the city to another, the logistics involved can be overwhelming and time-consuming. In addition to the move, you have to package and label all your belongings and bubble wrap all your fragile items to ensure their safety across town.

However, in most cases, hiring qualified movers is a better choice because of the experience and knowledge that come with a reliable and trustworthy local moving company.


lms image 01aSome renters and homeowners choose to undertake local moves on their own because of the short amount of distance involved. But, anyone who moves without the help of trained professionals takes safety risks.

One of these risks is the possibility of damaging valuable items when relocating on your own. Professional movers have the training and experience necessary to avoid any mishaps. Additionally, untrained movers can easily make costly mistakes that lead to the need for property repair or replacement. Lastly, attempting to move large pieces of furniture such as couches, sofas, mattresses, or dining table can cause physical harm to your body if you don’t have the necessary safety equipment to lift and handle such heavy loads.


lms image 02aWhen it’s time to relocate, contact the moving specialists at Walsh Moving & Storage. Since the 1960s, our company has been assisting households with the best local moving service around.

At Walsh Moving & Storage, we offer local moving services for homeowners and renters living in Long Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes and surrounding areas. Our zone of destinations covers much of greater Los Angeles and Orange County, from Alhambra to Huntington Beach.

From planning and packing supplies to safe transport on Los Angeles’s busy roads, we provide everything you need to minimize the stress of moving and maximize your convenience and peace of mind. Also, we have a straightforward pricing system makes it easy to determine your bottom-line expenditures in advance.


In California, the intrastate moving industry is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). All reputable movers register with this agency and receive official authorization to operate. The CPUC also keeps a record of all complaints filed against moving companies. At Walsh Moving & Storage, we’re proud of our long history of safe, reliable intrastate service. We invite anyone seeking to arrange a local move to review our record and confirm our standing as a top-quality provider.


lms image 03aIn addition to confirming the safety record of your preferred company, there are lots of details to consider when choosing the best local movers for your needs such as:

· Determining the exact services offered by your chosen moving company
· Making sure those services match up with your specific needs
· Getting an accurate estimate for the cost of your needed services
· Obtaining the supplies (e.g., packing boxes, tape, moving blankets) needed to carry out a move

The experts at Walsh Moving & Storage can help you with every phase of the planning process. Our range of available services cover all aspects of large or small moves. We also offer all the moves supplies needed to pack and protect your belongings during transit. Additionally, with our free, online local calculator, you can quickly get a rough estimate of the cost of your move.

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In-Home Moves

Most people use our in-home services to move furniture from one floor of a residence to another. However, you can also call on us to move other heavy items. You can also use our in-home services to move lighter items that you may not be able to carry on your own.

Apartment Moves

Most apartment renters need help moving from one location to another. However, some renters need help moving from apartment to apartment at a single location. In either case, our moving professionals have the expertise needed to safely transport your belongings.

House-to-House Moves

In most cases, home-to-home moves involve the transport of more belongings than apartment moves; it’s especially true for larger homes with multiple bedrooms. Over the years, our movers have handled thousands of moves for local homeowners. Our moving trucks can carry all property from any household that contains up to five bedrooms.

Antiques and Pianos

When transported even a short distance, valuable antiques require special treatment avoid any damage. The same precautions apply to the transportation of pianos, which are both large and delicate. At Walsh Moving & Storage, we take the utmost care when moving these expensive, beloved items. Every step of the way, out detailed process, ensures that antiques and pianos reach their destination unharmed.


lms image 01aLocal moves are short moves that take place within an area or region, such as moving across Los Angeles County and typically equal to or less than 50 miles.


In most cases, local moves are intrastate and do not involve the crossing of state lines. However, for someone who lives near a state border, a relocation of just a few miles can fall into the interstate category. In California, state laws regulate the conditions for an intrastate move. Separate federal guidelines govern the requirements for all interstate moves.


lms image 04aTransparent pricing is critical to the moving process. With this in mind, Walsh Moving features a flat, all-inclusive hourly rate for all local moves. The baseline cost is $120 an hour, which includes two movers and a truck large enough to carry your belongings. If required, you can also add another mover for just $50 an hour.


wms inner imageFor nearly three generations, the professionals at Walsh Moving & Storage have simplified the moving process for area residents from all walks of life. We measure our success in decades of satisfied customers and an ongoing reputation for excellence. Whether you need in-home assistance or help moving from location to location, you’ll find us standing by with helpful advice and hands-on help for every aspect of your local undertaking. Our goal is to make one of life’s most stressful endeavors as safe, painless and worry-free as possible.


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I’m on a tight budget so it was important to get an estimate that was as accurate as possible with quality movers. Thomas at Walsh Moving took a detailed account of what I needed moved and explained their pricing and estimate well. They were extremely efficient and got the job done right. Competitively priced, detailed & accurate estimate, professional, and efficient. The final cost was $165 less than the estimate!

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