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Every day, businesses in our heavily populated region shut down operations at one location and open them at another. In some cases, company expansion is the underlying motive for such a move. In other cases, businesses must downsize to stay competitive. Regardless of the reason, a commercial relocation can lead to both tedium and a high level of stress. If not well-planned, it can also lead to unwanted delays and a loss of income.

The professionals at Walsh Moving & Storage are dedicated to simplifying the sometimes-grueling process of relocating a functioning business. Over more than 50 years of continuous operation, we’ve handled moves for all kinds of businesses, including offices, restaurants and warehouses. In every case, we offer customizable services designed to meet your needs while keeping your business open and keeping your costs in line.


cms image 01aEven for smaller companies, office moves can be a logistical nightmare. In most cases, businesses need to keep running while the moving process goes ahead. This means that the movers you hire must know how to adjust to your office environment and avoid any significant disruptions. It also means that they must know when it’s appropriate to remove supplies, furniture and vital pieces of equipment. The process goes into reverse at the new business location. There, the company you hire must know how to reassemble your office in an orderly manner and help you establish effective working conditions.

On both ends of an office move, communication is critical. The movers you work with must understand your specific needs, priorities and preferences. In addition, they must know how to make contingency plans that allow the process to move forward in the event of unforeseen complications. Of course, anyone you hire must also know how to safely complete the journey to your new location.

At Walsh Moving, we specialize in office moves that help your business stay productive at all times. We begin by coordinating with you on the timing of your move and working out all the details before your starting date. Careful attention to detail ensures the safety of your valuable equipment and furniture. And throughout the process, we make sure our efforts support a functional business environment.


cms image 02aRestaurant moves also pose considerable challenges, even in the best of circumstances. Careful pre-planning is essential for the accurate tracking of utensils and equipment, as well as the logistical maneuvering needed to keep your kitchen and dining areas in action. In addition, special attention must be paid to the disassembly, transport and reassembly of cooking appliances and associated fixtures.

Walsh Moving is your reliable choice for safe, efficient restaurant moves. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of small and large food-oriented businesses make the transition to new facilities. Whether you need help with all of the advance details or just want someone to safely transport your valuable equipment, our crew of professionals will be on hand with the required experience and expertise.


cms image 03aWarehouse moves are just as complex as other types of commercial moves, if not more so. For any given company, there may be requirements to do such things as:

· Inventory raw or finished goods before and after the move
· Disassemble and reassemble various kinds of equipment
· Maintain a functional working environment in order to meet ongoing commitments

Above all else, warehouses must retain access to the products that serve as their financial lifeblood.

Walsh Moving has decades of experience helping warehouse-based businesses move their vital inventory to new locations. We know what it takes to work out every detail of these seemingly overwhelming projects. That includes maintaining access to your billable products throughout the moving process.


cms image 04aAt Walsh, our area of expertise is not limited to offices, restaurants and warehouses. We possess the training and experience required to handle projects in all kinds of commercial buildings. No matter the nature of your business, we serve as your trusted moving resource.

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cms image 05aEven within the same industry, not all businesses moving to new locations have the same requirements. Some companies prefer to take care of their own planning and packing needs, and limit the responsibilities of a moving company to site-to-site transport. Other companies prefer to leave all aspects of a move in the hands of professionals, from the planning stage through packing, transport and unpacking at the new location.

At Walsh, we adjust the scope of our activity to meet the specific needs of your business. In addition to packing, transport and unpacking, our services include storage and self-storage options for items not traveling directly to your new location. Just let us know what kind of assistance you require.


cms image 06aSome commercial movers make it difficult to determine just how much you’ll pay for their services. While a price is quoted early on in the process, taxes and additional fees can drive the actual cost up by a substantial amount. In the end, you can end up with a bill that far exceeds your expectations and your budget.

At Walsh Moving, we believe in transparent pricing for all of our services, including commercial moves. We back up this philosophy with a flat hourly rate that applies throughout the moving process. At no time will you receive any unexpected or unexplained additions to your bill. For a quote on the cost of your upcoming move, you can call us directly or fill out our online request form. Responses to this form take no more than 24 hours.


Walsh Moving & Storage has facilities in Torrance and Long Beach. We provide commercial moving services for businesses in those communities. Our service area also includes the following cities:

· Palos Verdes
· Hermosa Beach
· Manhattan Beach
· Redondo Beach
· Hawthorne
· San Pedro
· Lomita
· San Pedro
· Harbor City

However, this is not a comprehensive listing of the communities we cover. If you’re located anywhere in the region, feel free to contact us. We do our best to meet the commercial moving needs of as many businesses as possible. Our Torrance office makes arrangements for moves close to that city. Businesses located near Long Beach should contact our office there.


wms inner imageSince 1964, Walsh Moving & Storage has provided crucial moving assistance to businesses throughout the region. No other provider can beat our combination of experience, adjustability and commitment to straightforward pricing. To date, our long list of satisfied clients includes Habitat for Humanity, the City of Torrance, PackShip USA and The ReUse People. Contact us today and find out exactly why we’re the preferred partner for stress-free commercial moves.


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I’m on a tight budget so it was important to get an estimate that was as accurate as possible with quality movers. Thomas at Walsh Moving took a detailed account of what I needed moved and explained their pricing and estimate well. They were extremely efficient and got the job done right. Competitively priced, detailed & accurate estimate, professional, and efficient. The final cost was $165 less than the estimate!

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