Walsh Moving & Storage is your one-stop moving company in Torrance and Long Beach. Homeowners and apartment renters across Los Angeles rely on our comprehensive local and long-distance moving services. Businesses throughout the area call on us for commercial moves that get the job done, while keeping income disruptions to a bare minimum. And both householders and businesses make regular use of our dedicated storage facilities, extensive packing supplies and packing expertise.

For more than 50 years, Walsh Moving & Storage has set a high bar for high-quality moving services and individualized focus on the unique circumstances of each move. We also have a commonsense pricing structure that keeps your costs under control and eliminates unpleasant billing surprises. Whether your needs are personal or commercial, intrastate or interstate,  our movers work hard to cover every detail and make moving-related stress a thing of the past.

services image 01aFor a number of reasons, homeowners and renters frequently move to new households within their region. If the destination is no more than 60 to 100 miles away, these undertakings qualify as local moves. While local moves may not involve the same logistical challenges as longer-distance moves, they can still lead to high-stress situations and the potential for significant mishaps. It may seem easier to take the do-it-yourself route for these short trips. However, assistance from qualified moving experts can greatly reduce the risks for unforeseen complications.

Call on the professionals at Walsh Moving for your hassle-free local moving service that you can afford. Choose from high-quality services such as packing, transport and unpacking of all household items, including pianos, antiques and other delicate and valuable belongings. In addition, we can help you move heavy or oversized items within your home. Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or single family home, you’ll receive the benefit of our extensive experience, attention to detail and flat, hourly pricing structure.

long distance moving service1If you’re moving to a new household more than 100 miles from your current location, your move qualifies as a long-distance move. The potential for logistical problems increases significantly for all moves in this category, especially when the truck(s) transporting your belongings must cross state lines. The potential for hassles with your moving company also increase. All reputable interstate moving companies follow federal guidelines designed to monitor their actions. However, some moving carriers bend or break the rules without regard for the consequences for your valuable belongings.

Walsh Moving & Storage specializes in professionally organized long-distance moves that meet all federal requirements for safety and transportation. Our movers personally pack, transport and deliver your belongings to your new home. We also make it easy to transport loads too small to meet other carriers’ minimum weight limits for long-distance moves.

services image 03aIn our bustling corner of Southern California, it’s not unusual for businesses to relocate their operations to larger or smaller buildings. When not carried out properly, commercial moving services can lead to serious workplace disruptions, as well as lost, damaged, or inaccessible equipment. It can also lead to lost customers or an inability to meet ongoing demands for goods or services. For these reasons, businesses of all sizes have a compelling need to seek out qualified professionals to assist them with their moves.

Walsh Moving & Storage is your regional source for customizable commercial moving services. Whether you need to relocate an office, restaurant, warehouse or any other type of business, we can help with aspect of your move, from logistical support and expert packing to unpacking and organizing assistance at your new location, as well as storage for surplus items. Just pick the commercial moving service options that best support your needs.

services image 04aMovers often use dedicated storage facilities to temporarily house their clients’ belongings during local or long-distance moves. This arrangement can reduce the number of times your valuable property must be handled before reaching its destination. In turn, reduced handling leads to less overall labor time and a smaller level of exposure to property damage.

We make it easy to safely store your property during a move. Like other companies, we rely on a vault system for storage. However, we feature a simple pricing structure that makes it easy to determine your ongoing costs. In addition, we offer vaults in sizes suitable for holding up to 1,500 lb. of belongings. We take responsibility for packing each vault at your chosen location and transporting it to our secure, private storage facility.

services image 06aIn addition to general-use boxes, our packing service include specialized dish, wardrobe and lamp boxes. They also include important items such as tape, paper pads, ink-free newspaper and mattress bags. In addition, we offer detailed advice on best practices for safe, secure packing.

If you like, we can also pack your items for you, even if you don’t need any other services. We charge a flat hourly fee for each packer we provide, as well a small fee for the travel time required to reach your location.

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I’m on a tight budget so it was important to get an estimate that was as accurate as possible with quality movers. Thomas at Walsh Moving took a detailed account of what I needed moved and explained their pricing and estimate well. They were extremely efficient and got the job done right. Competitively priced, detailed & accurate estimate, professional, and efficient. The final cost was $165 less than the estimate!

jessica b image   Jessica B – San Pedro, CA