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In the City of Long Beach, Walsh Moving & Storage is a recognized leader in safe, error-free residential and commercial relocation. Since 1964, our local, family-led team of specialists has provided a complete selection of services and moving-related supplies. Whether you’re traveling just a few blocks or thousands of miles away, we have the experience and dedication needed to carry off your project without a hitch. And our commitment to affordability means that top-notch service won’t place an undue strain on your financial resources.


Every day, homeowners and renters in greater Los Angeles move to new locations within the region. The distance traveled during these moves is usually a maximum of 60 to 100 miles. However, this does not mean that local relocation is always easy. In fact, local moves often require significant logistical planning, and even a short trip can produce plenty of anxiety and unforeseen problems. Many people overlook the benefits of professional moving services when planning a regional relocation. However, use of these types of services can greatly reduce the stress and inconvenience of the process.

The experts at Walsh Moving provide complete support for local moves. In addition to packing, transporting and unpacking common items such as clothes, dishes and furniture, we pay special attention to antiques, pianos and other treasured, potentially fragile heirlooms. We can also assist you with in-home moves of bulky, oversized or heavy belongings. Homeowners and renters receive equal access to our decades of knowledge, planning and logistical expertise, and transparent hourly pricing.


A long-distance move can involve traveling anywhere 100 or so miles to locations all the way across the country. Without exception, this type of undertaking comes with an increased need for planning and coordination. And the need for advanced preparation is even greater when your relocation requires moving across state lines. Anyone planning a long-distance move must select a moving company with great care. In theory, federal guidelines govern the conduct of any company that provides interstate transport. However, in reality, not all companies follow these guidelines or take the actions necessary to safeguard your precious belongings. Walsh Moving is Long Beach’s specialist for the finest in long-distance moving services. At all times, we strictly follow the federal guidelines that regulate interstate transportation. In addition, unlike some local companies that subcontract their long-distance services to nameless third-party providers, our staff of seasoned professionals handles all aspects of your move. Walsh also accommodates clients who want to transport loads that don’t meet the minimum weight requirements that some companies impose on extended trips.


On any given day, a significant number of businesses in greater Los Angeles and Orange County are planning or actively undertaking a relocation to new quarters. For even a small company, a commercial move can pose a serious challenge. Without forethought and rock-solid execution, this type of project can lead to everything from major workplace disorganization and damaged or missing equipment to unsatisfied customers and supply chain disruptions. Some of these issues are common to all kinds of businesses. However, offices, restaurants, warehouses and other businesses also face the possibility of unique, industry-specific complications.

At Walsh Moving, we specialize in custom commercial moves geared toward the needs of your specific industry and company. No matter the type or size of the business you want to relocate within the region, you’ll find us ready with expert advice, complete packing and unpacking services, and the help required to organize your new setup to your desired specifications. Our flexible approach allows you to choose your required level of assistance and keep your expenses as low as possible. In every case, we place an emphasis on keeping your business functional at all times.


During long-distance moves and local moves, many moving companies temporarily store their clients’ property in facilities designed for this purpose. There are several reasons for taking this step. First, reliance on temporary storage minimizes the need to handle your belongings. This leads to a reduced risk for any sort of damage. Storage also has the added advantage of limiting labor costs during the moving process.

Walsh Moving uses an industry-standard vault system to store your property in a secure environment. However, we also go beyond the industry norm in a couple of important ways. Our selection of vault sizes makes it easy to store special items and total loads of as much as 1,500 lbs. And our focus on straightforward pricing means you’ll have aneasier time staying on top of your expenses. In addition, we can pack your vault at any offsite location and transport it to our dedicated facility.

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Instead of paying for an offsite vault pickup, some people prefer to put their belongings in storage themselves. If this approach appeals to you, you can take advantage of our monitored, onsite self-storage option. To arrange for this service, you’ll need to contact us in advance and schedule a time for your visit. Once you arrive, one of our staff members will escort you to the packing location, where you can use as many vaults as you need. All self-storage clients pay a storage charge and a smaller one-time charge for access to the facility. These fees cover the cost of packing blankets and one hour of professional packing help.


At Walsh, we accommodate the needs of clients who want to do their own packing before the moving team arrives at their home or business. Our inventory of packing supplies includes everything from general-use boxes in multiple sizes to mattress bags and specialized boxes for items such as dresses and suits, lamps and dishes. It also includes essential packing accessories such as ink-free paper, paper pads and tape. If you like, we can provide you with step-by-step instructions on the best way to keep your belongings free from damage during transit. As an alternative, our staff of experienced packers can take care of everything for you. The pricing for this service is based on a flat, hourly fee.


With a population of nearly 500,000, Long Beach is one of Southern California’s largest communities. The city is well-known for its thriving international port. Other local highlights include the Long Beach Museum of Art, the ocean liner Queen Mary, the Long Beach Playhouse and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Walsh Moving & Storage serves Long Beach from our base at 1208 Gaviota Avenue.

For more than five decades, we’ve provided the Los Angeles/Orange County region with all-inclusive resources for residential and commercial moves. No matter your requirements, we’ll help you simplify the moving process, control your costs and arrive at your chosen destination safe and sound. Call today to schedule an appointment, or use our online system to get an up-to-date price quote.


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I’m on a tight budget so it was important to get an estimate that was as accurate as possible with quality movers. Thomas at Walsh Moving took a detailed account of what I needed moved and explained their pricing and estimate well. They were extremely efficient and got the job done right. Competitively priced, detailed & accurate estimate, professional, and efficient. The final cost was $165 less than the estimate!

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